Corso Giovecca 143, 44121 Ferrara (FE)
+39 3272072888
+39 3272072888
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1. The prices on the list are per person or for the room?
Every price on the list is for the room.

2. Do rooms have private bathroom?
Yes, there is a private bathroom for every room.

3. Are animals allowed? Yes, we even accept their owners if they are polite!
Jokes aside, animals are welcome but for the respect of other guests, you can’t leave your pets alone in the room.

4. Do you have air conditioning?
Yes, every room has its independent air conditioning.

5. What will I find in the room?
Every room is equipped with a TV, a desk, free Wi-Fi. You will also find sheets, bathroom linen, soap, shower gel and hair dryer.

6. Do you clean the rooms daily?
Yes, housekeeping will take care to clean and reorganize your room everyday and obviously before the arrive of new guests.

7. What kind of guests do you have?
Travellers, tourists, families, workers and students. We have guests of every age that prefer to enjoy an informal and essential stay.

8. Is there Wi-Fi?
Yes, every room has free Wi-Fi and at your arrival we will give you the password.

9. Is that possible to smoke in the rooms?
We have respect of every guest, so to respect the ones that will come after you, it isn’t possible to smoke inside rooms.

10. Do you have a shedule for check-in and check-out?
You can tell us when you will arrive at least 1 hour before so we can be ready for your check-in, but the check in is usually from 15 to 20. But you can call us before and we will be pleased to welcome you when you prefer. The check-out is around 10,30 AM but if you ask for some time, we are really easy-going about it.

11. Can we leave the luggage the day of departure?
If your room isn’t booked you can leave your luggage in it the day of the check-out and you will able to use the room until you need it. In every case we can keep your luggage at the reception.

12. Can we pay with credit card?
Yes, we accept credit cards and every bancomat, but we prefer cash payments because we pay high commission for credit cards ones.

13. Is the structure appropriate for disabled persons?
Yes, some rooms can host disabled guests.

14. How can i reach you by car and find parking?
You will find indications and links on our webside, in the page dedicated to it.

15. How can i reach you from the Railway Station?
You will find indications and links on our webside, in the page dedicated to it.

16. How can i reach you from the Airport of Bologna?
You will find indications and links on our webside, in the page dedicated to it.

17. Where can I rent a bike?
You can rent a bike from us, but it is not included.

18. How can I book a room?
Sent us a request using the booking of our website, we will send you our availability for the room and the period you asked for as soon as we can. You also can ask only for information and then you can decide if you want to book your stay here! We also give informations and make reservations by phone.

19. Do I have to send a deposit?
You have to send a deposit if you reserve way before your stay (if you come here after more than a month after your reservation…). When you’ll decide to book we will send you every kind of information you need to send us the deposit to guarantee your reservation.
Centro Storico Rooms & Suites
Corso Giovecca 143, 44121 Ferrara FE
+39 3272072888
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